NIM SDK API  8.5.1
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NIMDeleteSessionHistoryMessagesNotifyInfo Struct Reference

删除与某一会话的历史记录推送数据定义 More...

#include <nim_msglog_def.h>

Public Attributes

enum NIMSessionType to_type
char id [128]
int64_t time
char ext [1024]

Detailed Description


Member Data Documentation

◆ ext

char NIMDeleteSessionHistoryMessagesNotifyInfo::ext[1024]


◆ id

char NIMDeleteSessionHistoryMessagesNotifyInfo::id[128]

string 会话的ID

◆ time

int64_t NIMDeleteSessionHistoryMessagesNotifyInfo::time

int64_t 删除操作的时间戳

◆ to_type

enum NIMSessionType NIMDeleteSessionHistoryMessagesNotifyInfo::to_type

enum 会话类型,双人0,群组1,超大群5 (nim_msglog_def.h)

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