NIM SDK API  8.7.0
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nim::PinMessageInfo Struct Reference

Pin消息属性 More...

#include <nim_talkex_helper_pin_message.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string ToJsonString (const PinMessageInfo &info)
static void ToJsonObject (const PinMessageInfo &info, nim_cpp_wrapper_util::Json::Value &json_info)
static void FromJsonString (const std::string &json_info, PinMessageInfo &info)
static void FromJsonObject (const nim_cpp_wrapper_util::Json::Value &json_info, PinMessageInfo &info)

Public Attributes

std::string id
std::string session_id
uint64_t server_id
std::string client_id
int to_type
std::string from_account
std::string to_account
uint64_t message_time
std::string operator_account
std::string ext
uint64_t create_time
uint64_t update_time

Detailed Description


Member Data Documentation

◆ client_id

std::string nim::PinMessageInfo::client_id

被 pin 消息的客户商dID

◆ create_time

uint64_t nim::PinMessageInfo::create_time

Pin Message的创建时间戳

◆ ext

std::string nim::PinMessageInfo::ext

Pin Message的扩展字段

◆ from_account

std::string nim::PinMessageInfo::from_account

被 pin 消息的发送方ID

◆ id

std::string nim::PinMessageInfo::id

Pin Message的ID 客户端生成服务端没有

◆ message_time

uint64_t nim::PinMessageInfo::message_time

被 pin 消息的时间戳

◆ operator_account

std::string nim::PinMessageInfo::operator_account

Pin Message的操作者ID

◆ server_id

uint64_t nim::PinMessageInfo::server_id

被 Pin 消息的服务端ID

◆ session_id

std::string nim::PinMessageInfo::session_id

Pin Message对应的会话ID (客户端数据)

◆ to_account

std::string nim::PinMessageInfo::to_account

被 pin 消息的接收方ID

◆ to_type

int nim::PinMessageInfo::to_type

被 pin 消息的会话类型

◆ update_time

uint64_t nim::PinMessageInfo::update_time

Pin Message的更新时间戳

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